Publikationen 2020

Folgende wissenschaftlichen Arbeiten wurden von GSASA-Mitgliedern in verschiedenen internationalen Zeitschriften publiziert. Mit klicken auf den jeweiligen Titel öffnet das entsprechende Abstract.


Management of atrial fibrillation following cardiac surgery: Observational study and development of a standardized protocol
Christel Bruggmann, Mahdieh Astaneh, Henri Lu, Piergiorgio Tozzi, Zied Ltaief, Pierre Voirol, Farshid Sadeghipour
Published in : Annals of pharmacotherapy. 2020

doi: 10.1177/1060028020973998

Management of the covid-19 health crisis: a survey in swiss hospital pharmacies
Laurence Schumacher, PharmD; Yassine Dhif, MSc; Pascal Bonnabry, PharmD, PhD; Nicolas Widmer, PharmD, PhD
Published in: medRxiv. 2020 doi:

Comment on: Severe clinical outcomes of COVID-19 associated with proton pump inhibitors: a nationwide cohort study with propensity score matching

Lucien Roulet
Published in : Gut (2020)

doi: 10.1136/gutjnl-2020-323098

Extended Access to Hormonal Contraception in Pharmacies: A Survey among Swiss Pharmacists

Tamara Yous, Samuel Allemann, Monika Lutters
Published in : Pharmacy 2020, 8(4):210

doi: 10.3390/pharmacy8040210



Filling Gaps on Stability Data: Development, Validation and Application of a Multianalyte UHPLC-DAD Method to Determine the Stability of Commonly Administered Drugs in Different Carrier Solutions Used in Palliative Care

Christian Steuer, Ursina Müller, Fiona Haller, Peter Wiedemeier
Published: 13 October 2020


Adequacy of stress ulcer prophylaxis prescription in the intensive care unit: an observational study
Marilena Franchitti, Jitka Piubellini, Farshid Sadeghipour, Philippe Eckert, Pierre Voirol, Antoine G Schneider

Published in : Swiss Med Wkly. 2020 Aug 24;150:w20322

doi: 10.4414/smw.2020.20322
Beta-blocker use and up-titration after acute ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction: a cohort study
Christel Bruggmann, Stéphane Fournier, Alice Panchaud, Olivier Muller, Farshid Sadeghipour, Pierre Voirol

Published in : Swiss Med Wkly, 2020 Aug 18;150:w20321

doi: 10.4414/smw.2020.20321
Management of the COVID-19 pandemic in Switzerland: Roles and challenges of an interhospital pharmacy

Laurence Schumacher, Cédric Blatrie, Séverine Krähenbühl, Camilla Pasteur, Anne-Laure Blanc, Charline Pellaton, François Rouiller, Nicolas Widmer

Published in : Méd Catastrophe Urg Collectives. 2020 Epub ahead of print

doi: 10.1016/j.pxur.2020.08.010

Swiss Armed Forces deployment during the COVID-19 pandemic: Militia pharmacy officers roles and duties

Nicolas Widmer, Christian Abbet, Joël Brunner, Jonathan Faro Barros, Stefan Ullmann, Christian Beeler, Beat Hug, Christian Reichert, Victor A. D. Bättig, Gianluca Caglioti, Michael Flück, Heinz Moll, Roberto Herklotz

Published in : BMJ Mil Health. 2020 Epub ahead of print
doi: 10.1136/ bmjmilitary-2020-001605

Missbrauch von Opioiden und mögliche Auswege aus der Opioid-Krise
(Abuse deterrent drug formulations for opioids)

Madlaina Matter, Stefan Mühlebach, Maxim Puchkov und Jörg Huwyler
Published in : Therapeutische Umschau 2020;77:24-28
doi: .

Movement disorders and use of risperidone and methylphenidate: a review of case reports and an analysis of the WHO database in pharmacovigilance

Dominik Stämpfli, Stefan Weiler, Andrea M Burden

Published in: European Child & Adolescent Psychiatry. 2020; online ahead of print
doi: 10.1007/s00787-020-01589-2

A survey of the European Society of Clinical Pharmacy members’ research involvement, and associated enablers and barriers

Derek Stewart , Vibhu Paudyal , Cathal Cadogan , Ankie Hazen , Betul Okuyan , Monika Lutters , Martin Henman , Daniella Fialová
Published in : International Journal of Clinical Pharmacy 2020


ESPEN Guideline on Home Parenteral Nutrition

Pironi Loris, Boeykens Kurt, Bozzetti Federico, July Francisca, Klek Stanislaw, Lal Simon, Lichota Marek, Mühlebach Stefan, Van Gossum Andre, Wanten Geert, Wheatley Carolyn, Bischoff Stephan C.
Published in : Clinical Nutrition 2020; 39: 1645-1666                                   doi: 10.1016/j.cinu.2020.03.005

Bonnes pratiques pharmaceutiques d'approvisionnement en désinfectants dans les pharmacies et drogueries

S. Mühlebach (Domaine Produits thérapeutique AEP), E. Martinelli (GSASA, PharmaSuisse), Th. Meister (Pharmacie de l'armée), F. Sadeghipour (GSASA), P. Scognamiglio, N. Widmer (SEDIP)