Projet de recherche 2017 : Detection and prevention of delirium triggered by adverse drug events

Parmi les 5 projets présentés, le groupe de travail recherche a choisi le projet de Dr Monika Lutters, Kantonsspital Baden „Detection and prevention of delirium triggered by adverse drug events“.

Brève description du projet (uniquement en anglais)

Delirium is a frequent and serious ADE in hospitals. Its prevention may reduce length of hospital stay, mortality and costs, and avoid unnecessary and potentially harmful pharmacological treatment. The manual algorithm (checklist) and automated algorithm (source code) can be implemented in other hospitals, and  be used by clinical pharmacists.

The project is associated with a large interdisciplinary, multicentric research project financed by the Swiss National Foundation (NRP 74, “Automatic detection of adverse drug events in the geriatric care”, where pharmacists, clinical pharmacologists, geriatricians, epidemiologists, specialists in medical informatics, structured data mining and natural language processing closely work together. The experience gained with this project will facilitate the development of other algorithms to prevent ADEs.


  1. To detect drug induced delirium and identify risk factors in different population groups
  2. To prevent drug induced delirium by automatically calculating anticholinergic burden of drug therapy, displaying alerts in CPOE and automatically directing daily lists of orders with candidate medications to experts for review

Description complète du projet (en anglais)

rapport intermediaire, printemps 2018 (en anglais)

rapport intermediaire, printemps 2019 (en anglais)

rapport intermediaire, été 2020 (en anglais)

rapport final, été 2021 (en anglais)