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Generalversammlung GSASA (25.11.2020)

Ehrenmitglied: William Griffiths (Laudatio)

GSASA Award: Pascal Bonnabry (Laudatio)


GSASA Kongress 2020 (26./27.11.202)


1. Preis

Andrea Burch, KAZ, F-RPS-45

CMR-Arzneimittel: Gefährdundspotential und Exposition: Weniger ist mehr

2. Preis

David Niedrig, Hirslanden Group, R-PHC-27

Implementation and management outcomes of pharmacogenetic CYP 2C19 testing for clopidogrel therapy in clinical practice

Preise Oral Communications

1. Preis

Angela Lisibach, KSB, OP 4/R-PHC-28

High anticholinergic burden at admission is associated with in-hospital mortality in older patients: A comparison of 19 different anticholinergic burden scales

2. Preis

Nicolas Widmer, PHEL, OP3/R-DSL-10

Multicenter full-scale simulations in hospital pharmacies to improve disaster preparedness

Prix Junior

Isabelle Sommer, CHUV, R-OHP-21

Development of a standardized pediatric parenteral nutrition for the first days of life o a term or preterm newborn