Forschungsprojekt 2014: Verschreibungsfehler in der Pädiatrie - welchen Impact hat ein CDSS?

Aus den 5 eingereichten Projekten wählte die Arbeitsgruppe Forschung das Projekt von Priska Vonbach, Kinderspital Zürich „Prescribing errors in children: What is the impact of a computerized physician order entry with a sophisticated clinical decision support system?“ aus.

Kurzbeschreibung des Projekts (nur in Englisch verfügbar)

The purpose of our study is to evaluate the impact of the implementation of a pediatric CPOE with a sophisticated CDSS on medical and surgical wards. The number and the type of prescribing errors before (pre-CPOE) and after (post-CPOE) the implementation of CPOE with CDSS will be compared. Before 2013 drug ordering was done in hand-writing forms (pre-CPOE). Then, between 2013 and the implementation of the COPE a semi-structured order form was used. In first quarter of 2015, the implementation of a novel pediatric-adapted CPOE software (Phoenix G3 Application for children, developed by Compu Group Medical in close collaboration with the AllKids-children’s hospitals: Basel, St.Gallen and Zurich) is planned. This CPOE interoperates with the calculator and the drug dosage database, both provided by the Children’s hospital Zurich. Therefore dosages specified by indication and based on patient’s age and weight or surface area are proposed. In addition, all information from the database about drug safety issues will be available directly in the CPOE software at the time of prescription. The implementation of any CPOE with CDSS should increase the medication safety. However, there are limited data evaluating the impact of CPOE on medication errors in the pediatric population and the results do not prove a predictable benefit.

Vollständige Projektbeschreibung (in English)

Schlussbericht, Frühling 2023 (in English)
Published online 18th March 2023 in the European Journal of Pediatrics: Prescribing errors in children: what is the impact of a computerizedphysician order entry?

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